Canaan was founded in 1978, as Canaan Decorating, by Raymond C. Suiter. The company quickly became involved in many specialty licensed disciplines of construction and, then began to operate as a custom home builder. We performed most of the facets of specialty construction “in house” as a custom luxury home builder. Canaan soon became identified as a premier contractor for luxury renovations of bathrooms, kitchens, additions, and for building high end custom luxury homes from the ground up. Since it’s very beginning, Canaan has always been dedicated to providing the very highest of possible quality and craftsmanship. This reputation stands today and Canaan Builders is known as a premier home builder in Honolulu and throughout the state of Hawaii. The core philosophy of the company has been to provide finely crafted and finished buildings and remodels, which reflect the company’s goal of luxury construction with unmatched quality and craftsmanship.

Canaan has never been a “top heavy” company, existing of a highly administrative personnel organization, but rather, we have been known historically as a team of craftsmen whose varied specialized skills and service, produce construction products that are far beyond the reach of our competitors. Careful attention to detail is a hallmark of Canaan, along with timely completion of the project at hand. Whether it is the construction of a custom luxury home or the timely completion of a high end retail establishment, Canaan rises far above its competitors. Canaan has performed countless luxury bathroom remodels, stunning kitchen renovations, and meticulously crafted boutiques and shops that have won many building and architectural awards. Canaan believe newly constructed homes should last a trouble free lifetime and should never be considered disposable or need to be replaced.


CANAAN has a long history in Hawaii. Founded in 1978 and reinvented in 2014, our decades of construction experience, expertise and craftsmanship were re-ignited and re-energized in Hawaii as CANAAN BUILDERS LLC.

Through the years, Canaan’s philosophy of high quality construction has proven to be unique and enduring. Our clientele have responded to this effort of ours and our philosophy, by becoming our advertising and promotional arm. These clients recommend us over and over again to other new clients, who in turn become our promoters. Our work product is of the highest quality and our clients always know and can attest to the fact that Canaan Builders stands behind our work and guaranty the supreme performance of our work product.


Canaan Builders combines energy efficiency, improved and state of the art construction materials and building practices along with traditional and timeless quality construction. Give us a call to discuss your dreams, interests, and needs.